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Ultrasound Schools Online – The Advantages

Diagnostic ultrasound imaging (or sonography) is one of the fastest growing fields in healthcare, and many people who are considering careers as ultrasound technicians or sonographers now use ultrasound schools online to provide their training. Here are some of the reasons why many people prefer to use online tech schools for their ultrasound technology education.

The Benefits Of Studying With Ultrasound Schools Online

Broadly speaking, there are four main reasons why people choose training courses from ultrasound schools online instead of studying in a classroom based environment.

Better Value. In these cost conscious times, many people can have difficulty paying the large course fees needed for training at a university or college. In contrast, the certification fees quoted by ultrasound schools online are often considerably lower, as distance learning is far cheaper to provide. In addition, you can usually take online ultrasound courses on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. This means that you only need to pay for modules or credits as you actually take them.

No Need To Move Or Travel. In the past, if you were training as an ultrasound technician you had to live close to a college of university. This often caused problems for people living in more rural locations, as they either had to move closer to their ultrasound technician school or travel long distances every day. By instead training with ultrasound schools online, location is no longer a problem.

And because you can now train to be a sonographer from home, think how much travelling time you can save. As an example, let’s say it takes you 30 minutes to travel to your nearest college. That’s 60 minutes a day as a round trip. Over an academic year that amounts to 240 hours of travelling, or 30 working days. So by using ultrasound schools online instead of campus based colleges, you can spend an extra month studying and be no worse off time-wise!

Greater Choice. If you use a local university or college for your ultrasound training, there may only be one or two ultrasound schools in your area. This lack of competition means you’ll be forced to pay the course fees these institutions demand (no matter how expensive these fees are)

In contrast, when you use online learning it doesn’t matter where you live and you can choose from over 150 ultrasound schools online. Not only can you choose the course or education provider that is right for you, but you can also shop around to see which online ultrasound course offers you the best overall value.

More Study Freedom. Ultrasound schools online courses teach students exactly the same things as traditional ultrasound technician schools do. The key difference is that with classroom training, you have a rigid training schedule and must attend classes every day. When you use ultrasound schools online, you can study at whatever time is convenient to you. This means that you can easily fit your education in around your family or an existing career.

Ultrasound Schools Online Course Choices

There are normally three degree programs for ultrasound technician training offered by most ultrasound schools online: a one year diploma or certificate, a two year associate’s degree or a four year bachelor’s degree. These are the same courses which are offered by traditional campus colleges.

If you already have a qualifying healthcare degree, the one year diagnostic medical sonography certification course is the fastest route to an accredited ultrasound qualification.

Associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in diagnostic sonography or ultrasound technology are not usually needed for entry-level positions in the profession, but these more advanced qualifications can really benefit you if you are working towards a management position or considering advanced specialisation in the future.

One Important Factor To Consider

Before choosing any course offered by ultrasound schools online, you should always ensure that the course is accredited by the Commission of Accreditation on Allied Health Education Programs (also known as ‘CAAHEP’).

The CAAHEP is responsible for making sure that ultrasound schools online meet global standards set out for sonography and ultrasound technician training. By enrolling on a CAAHEP accredited course, you can be sure that your ultrasound qualification will be accepted worldwide after you graduate.

In Summary

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to using ultrasound schools online instead of traditional campus based colleges. To make sure that you make the choice that’s right for you, it’s wise to contact a few ultrasound schools online and get more information about the ultrasound courses that they can offer you.