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Sonography Salary Payscales

If you are considering training as a sonographer, you are probably wondering what current sonography salary levels are.

To help you to make the right career choice, in this article we’ll take a look at:

  • What sonographers actually do
  • How you can get trained as a sonographer
  • Typical sonography salary packages
  • Job prospects for sonographers

What Do Sonographers Do?

Diagnostic medical sonography is a medical procedure which uses ultrasound waves to build up images of internal body tissues and organs. Sonographers are qualified technicians who use specialised ultrasound machines to take these images and then interpret them for signs of illness, disease and other conditions.

How Are Sonographers Trained?

If you already have an allied health degree, you can take a one year sonography certification course at various sonography schools. However, if you are starting from scratch, the most popular qualification route is by taking ultrasound classes as part of a two year Associate’s degree in sonography (which also leads to a much higher sonography salary!)

What Sonography Salary Packages Are Offered?

The salary you ultimately earn will typically depend on a number of factors. For example, salary levels vary quite a bit depending on the part of the country you choose to work in. If you work in a large city, you’ll usually earn more than if you work in a less urban area.

And it goes without saying that your level of qualifications and experience also influence your ultimate pay levels. Finally, your working environment will play a role in how much you’ll earn – if you work in a specialist diagnostic hospital or clinic, you’ll make more money than if you work in a general hospital or physicians practice.

What are the average sonography salary rates? Well, in the United States, the typical income for a qualified diagnostic medical sonographer was between $52,000 and $84,000 in 2010. The most common sonography salary was around $64,000 a year.

In the UK, most sonographers working in the National Health Service expect to earn between £23,000 and £29,000 a year. Those sonographers working in the private sector enjoy slightly higher sonography salary packages usually averaging between £27,000 and £33,000.

Job Prospects And Future Sonography Salary Levels

Diagnostic medical sonography is a growth area within the healthcare sector. This means that there is usually plenty of work for qualified sonographers. In fact, according to recent trends, another 10,000 new sonography jobs are expected to be created in the next 10 years.

Due to this demand, medical sonography salary levels are continuing to grow at well above the rate of inflation – making the profession not only challenging and enjoyable, but also a very lucrative career into the bargain!

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